40 French Francs

The 40 Franc coin was a French gold coin introduced in 1802 – 1803 as part of the Consulship period of French government. With the beginning of the Napoleonic Empire in 1804, the 40 French Franc coins became a staple of that period.

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The 40 Franc coins were used for a relatively short period of time, being last struck in 1839. In the final year of issue only 23 coin were stuck, making the 1839 40 Franc gold coin incredibly rare.

These coins feature a range of portraits, highlighting this tumultuous period in France’s history. Napoleon I, Louis-Phillipe, Louis XVIII, and Charles X all appear on these coins, despite being struck for just 37 years.

French 40 Franc coins weigh 12.9 grams, and were struck at 900 fine (90%) pure gold. This means that they contain 11.6135 grams of gold.