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Sell your Scrap Gold Today

We buy scrap gold at market leading prices of up to 97.5% of the spot price.
Scrap Gold - Sell Your Unwanted Gold Jewellery for CashSimply enter the Weight in grams of scrap gold you have into the field below, select the Carat or Fineness, and click Get Quote to get your price.

To sell your scrap gold today, call us on +44 121 634 8082 to agree a price. Post it to us and we will pay you the same day we receive it by Bank Transfer or Cheque. 

Scrap Gold Calculator - See how much your Gold is Worth?

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Scrap Gold Price Per Gram (£)

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Why Sell to Us?
We are the UK's No.1 online bullion dealer*. We offer a quick, simple and secure way to sell your scrap gold and pride ourselves on our award-winning customer service. As well as great service, we pay highly competitive trade rates for scrap gold paying up to 97.5% of the global spot price for gold. All our scrap gold prices are live, updating every two minutes to ensure you receive the most accurate price. We pay our customers the same day we receive the gold via Bank Transfer or Cheque.

What we Buy?

We buy old, broken and unwanted gold jewellery including gold rings, necklaces, earrings, chains, charms, pendants as well as medals and nuggets. We buy most carats including 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct gold. We also buy gold bullion paying up to 98% for those looking to sell gold coins and bars.   

What we don't Buy?

We don't buy gold watches, gold dust or grain, plated gold, rolled gold, filled gold or unhallmarked gold. If you have any scrap gold items you are unsure about, call us on +44 121 634 8082 for more information.

Call Today for Your Quote

We make selling scrap gold easy. Simply call our friendly and knowledgeable team on +44 121 634 8082 today and agree your price over the telephone. Post your scrap gold to us the same day, and the money will be paid into your bank account the very next day once we receive it. If you require any further information about scrap gold, please call us on +44 121 634 8082 or email us: and we will get back to you right away.

Sell Your Scrap Gold in Birmingham

If you’re looking for the personal touch, you can come and see us at our shop in Birmingham and sell your scrap gold in person. We're open 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Click here for directions.


Please note scrap gold must be accurately tested for its purity which may involve cutting into the metal and the removing of stones. If the item does not match the description we will recalculate the quote or return the gold to you; however the item will be returned damaged following the testing process. 

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