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Weight (grams): 33,93

Pure content: 31,10348

Fineness: 916.7

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1 637 €

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Prices quoted based on the current live metal price. The actual price you receive will be based on the metal price when you call and speak to an advisor.

All goods are tested on receipt to verify both weight and purity of metal.

Looking to sell Krugerrands? We buy 1oz South African gold Krugerrands off our customers at highly competitive rates.

When selling gold Krugerrands it is worth knowing how much pure gold they contain to ensure you get quoted an accurate price. 1oz Gold krugerrands weight 33.93 grams and contain exactly 31.10348 grams of pure 22 carat gold which is how the value of your krugerrand is calculated.

Simply enter how many coins you are looking to sell in the quantity field and press the update button for your quote. If you are happy with your price and would like to sell, call 0121 634 8060 to book your price over the telephone. Post it to us the same day and we will make payment via bank transfer or cheque once we have received it.