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Sell your scrap silver to BullionByPost and turn your unwanted, old, or broken jewellery into cash.

Scrap Silver

Our process is simple and convenient, taking a matter of minutes to give you a valuation for your scrap silver and lock in a price.

All you need to do is call us on +44 121 634 8082 to fix a price up to 88% of the silver spot price, before posting it to us.

As soon as we receive your jewellery and have inspected it we will be able to pay you directly into your bank account, which takes no more than 3 working days.

If you know the weight and purity of your scrap silver, enter it into our scrap silver calculator to find out how much money you could receive for your unwanted jewellery!

500 Scrap Silver Price Per Gram (€)

Fineness 5kg+ 1kg to 5kg 500g to 1kg 0 to 500g
500 silver

Scrap Silver Price Calculator

Simply enter in the amount of silver you have in grams and the fineness and we will provide you with an accurate quote.

Weight in Grams

How much is .500 silver worth?

.500 silver is 50% pure and as such is worth half the current spot price. For the uninitiated, the spot price is the market price for precious metals as they are extracted from the ground.

Our scrap rates are based on the live spot price, which is updated every 2 minutes to ensure you receive an accurate price for your scrap jewellery.

Sell Silver Bars and Coins

If you are looking to sell silver bullion bars or coins, you can also do it with BullionByPost. We will pay 100% of the spot price for fine silver from recognised refiners and mints.

Click here to sell Silver Bars. Click here to sell Silver Coins.

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We're not based in Ireland but customers can visit us at our shop in Birmingham city centre.

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