Gold : Silver Ratio

Current Ratio


6 Month Change

-10,01 -11,35%

6 Month high 91,78

6 Month low 72,97

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Gold : Silver Price Ratio - 6 Months

This is the 6 month ratio chart for gold to silver value. The price ratio determines how many ounces of silver buys an ounce of gold. Typically the average has been between 50-60 ounces of silver.

At BullionByPost we regularly update our charts with the latest statistics and figures direct from the markets, with automatic adjustments every two minutes.

The gold and silver ratio charts serve as a useful aid for making investment decisions. The logic is that the higher the ratio, the cheaper silver is in comparison to gold, which can then be seen as an opportunity to invest.

This tool is designed to help you, the customer, make the best possible decision about a purchase, based on the current and historical fluctuations in the ratio.