Gold : Platinum Ratio

Current Ratio


5 Year Change

+1,11 +76,03%

5 Year high 2,57

5 Year low 1,38

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Gold : Platinum Price Ratio - 5 Years

A lot can happen in five years. With the BullionByPost price ratio charts you can look back on the history of gold and platinum, two of the most valuable metals around, and the relationship between their two values.

Platinum is often considered the more precious of the two metals, but there's often a value swing between the two about which is the more valuable metal per ounce.

Our ratio charts are updated every minute, directly fed by market data from the UK, US, and other major world markets. This price accuracy enables us to best inform our customers and prospective investors, and makes this a very handy tool for deciding the best metal to invest in and the best time to do so.