Gold : Platinum Ratio

Current Ratio


10 Year Change

+1,55 +176,14%

10 Year high 2,57

10 Year low 0,88

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Gold : Platinum Price Ratio - 10 Years

At BullionByPost we like to provide as much information and data to our customers and potential customers as possible. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about which products you want to invest in and at a time that you feel is most advantageous to you.

Our gold to platinum price ratio charts detail the value relationship between gold and platinum, two of the most valuable metals around. We update our charts automatically and in under a minute for the data feed to refresh.

2008 was an historic year in finance and investment, with the markets and currencies slumping as large swathes of debt was defaulted on. The BullionByPost price charts show how the price of precious metals coped at the time and since then. Combine this data with the 10 year ratio chart and you can see how the relationship of gold and platinum behaved during the crash and the subsequent resurgence.