Gold : Platinum Ratio

Current Ratio


3 Year Change

+0,81 +50,00%

3 Year high 2,57

3 Year low 1,61

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Gold : Platinum Price Ratio - 3 Years

The three year gold to platinum price ratio charts detail the comparative values of gold and platinum, two of the most valuable metals around. The time involved gives a better idea of trends in the markets and industry, as well as showing which price shifts were reactionary to events and which were genuine changes in valuation.

With the BullionByPost ratio charts, our customers can compare gold, silver, platinum and palladium to determine which precious metal is the best value and when is the right time to buy.

The BullionByPost gold to platinum charts are updated every couple of minutes to provide the very latest market figures, ready for you the customer to use as you plot your next investment.