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Gold : Platinum Ratio

Current Ratio


Year Change

+0,38 +20,00%

Year high 2,57

Year low 1,88

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Gold : Platinum Price Ratio - 1 Year

Gold and platinum are two of the most valuable metals around. Investors always watch gold's relationship to stocks, currencies, and other metals to determine which is the best value at the time.

With the BullionByPost ratio charts, our customers can see comparisons of value between gold, silver, platinum and palladium - information which will help you determine the right time to buy and get you the best price.

Our charts work like all our other web tools - they're there to provide data. This chart shows the relationship between gold and platinum prices in the last year and the natural swings in value that occur.

All of our market charts are updated on a minute by minute basis to provide our users with the most accurate figures possible.