9 Carat Gold

9 Carat Gold What is 9 carat gold?

Commonly found in jewellery, 9 carat gold is an alloy containing 37.5% pure gold, while the rest is made up of another metal or metals. Typically, 9 carat gold will be made of 37.5% gold, 42.5% silver and 20% copper. However, it is also possible to find slight variations on this combination. 9 carat white gold, for example, is made up of 37.5% gold and 62.5% silver. 9 carat rose gold, on the other hand, has a higher copper content - 37.5% gold, 20% silver and 42.5% copper, giving the metal a more red tone.

Due to being mixed with other metals, 9 carat gold is harder than pure gold, making it a popular choice for jewellery.

How much is 9 carat gold worth?

The official spot price for gold refers to the value of 24 carat, pure bullion gold, which only makes up 37.5% of the content of 9 carat gold. The value of 9 carat gold at any given moment is therefore calculated by taking 37.5% of the bullion spot price.

When it comes to carat rating, the higher the carat, the more expensive the gold. This is because carat rating relates directly to purity. 9 ct gold, for example, is 9/24 parts pure gold, whereas 22 carat gold is 22/24 parts pure.

If you own 9 carat jewellery and would like to find its current scrap value, you can use our Scrap Gold Calculator.