Gold Coin Prices

Buffalo Gold Coin Relatively affordable and easy to store, coins offer an excellent, flexible way to invest in gold. Gold bullion coins differ greatly from circulated, ‘numismatic’ coins. Although they may well be given a nominal face value, in reality the material worth of their bullion content is much higher than that. In the vast majority of cases they work in the same way as bullion bars in this respect: a gold coin’s value is determined by multiplying its gold content by the current spot price and not by a nominal, monetary value. They are therefore an excellent method of investing in precious metals and can offer a secure way of maintaining your wealth, with the potential to increase in value in the future.

‘Uncirculated’, gold bullion coins are therefore very different to numismatic coins, which do not offer the same benefits as an investment and whose prices rarely reflect their material value. While the value of a gold coin is based upon its gold content and the spot price for gold, numismatic coins are subject to inflated prices based on factors such as their rarity as collectible items, and are not considered sound investments. Some bullion coins, however, fall into both categories and are known as ‘semi-numismatic’ coins. Coins such as certain Sovereigns or American Double Eagles attract demand from coin collectors as well as bullion investors due to their rarity or the fact that they were minted in a certain year and will usually be available at higher premiums than other, more common specimens of the same coin.

Due to their status as legal tender in the UK, certain coins such as gold and silver Britannias and the Sovereign are exempt from Capital Gains Tax, meaning no tax needs to be paid on any profit made from the coins.

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