Invest in Gold and Silver

Bars and Coins For thousands of years, the scarcity and natural beauty of gold and silver has led to them being been considered commodities of significant material value. Archaeologists and treasure hunters are constantly digging up old gold and silver coins, evidence of the timeless link between wealth and precious metals. Despite the subsequent advent of fiat currencies, unbacked by tangible assets with intrinsic values- such as the modern pound sterling, dollar, and euro- gold and silver bullion should not be dismissed as relics of antiquity.

It is telling that central banks worldwide, the very organisations responsible for the creation of the paper money we use today, will still aim to hold significant physical gold reserves in case the systems they promote collapse. While paper currencies are vulnerable to entirely lose their value, as has been seen in periods of hyperinflation in the past, gold and silver have intrinsic value. This makes them the ideal safe-haven asset and portfolio diversifier.

Just as governments and central banks like to store gold reserves, the same can be said for a large number of smaller, private investors. Although many are attracted to higher yielding investments such as shares in private companies, the wisest investors will always aim to hold a percentage of their portfolios in precious metals.

Invest in Gold and Silver

There are various reasons why you may decide to invest in precious metals, and this may influence whether you decided to buy silver or gold. Although they share many qualities and are both brilliant long-term stores of wealth, they both have certain unique qualities that mean they should be treated as rather different commodities. Whether you choose to invest in one or the other should depend on your investment goals, although the ideal portfolio would probably contain parts of both.

There are several ways in which you can invest in gold and silver bullion. As well as the allocated physical bars and coins available on BullionByPost, it is also possible to purchase unallocated gold and silver, or ETFs backed by precious metals.

Gold and Silver Bars

In our opinion, the best way to invest in gold and silver is by purchasing allocated physical gold or silver bullion. Allocated bullion means being the rightful owner of a gold or silver, offering you an element of freedom and financial protection that does not come with the other forms of investment.

Although a bigger financial commitment, investing in a gold or silver bar is the most convenient method in terms of storage and the best value investment in terms of pound for pound storage of wealth. Due to their lower manufacturing costs, bars will tend to come at smaller premiums than coins, and offer a compact and convenient way of investing in precious metals.

Gold and Silver Coins Gold and Silver Liberty

However, in order to achieve particularly low premiums, it is necessary to buy rather large bars. Unfortunately, this isn’t always feasible for the majority of investors, and most people will opt for bullion coins.

The main benefit associated with gold and silver coins is undoubtedly their size. As small units, coins are easy to sell off in smaller parts when the time comes to cash in on your investment. It is impossible to sell half of your gold bar, for example, but there would never be any difficulty in selling a percentage of your coin portfolio. Given the huge price difference between gold and silver, this is especially true for silver.

Investing in silver coins allows you to have an extremely flexible portfolio which can conveniently be sold off in small quantities if you wish to cash in on your investment or want to make funds available for something else. a diverse investment portfolio would probably contain items in both metals.

BullionByPost stock a variety of gold and silver bullion coins from certified mints around the world that make great gifts and investments alike. Our range includes gold Britannias, gold Sovereigns, Krugerrands, gold Maples, gold Eagles, silver Britannias, silver Austrian Philharmonics, silver Chinese Pandas and other World Coins.