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What is the Chemical Symbol for Gold?

What is the chemical symbol for gold? The chemical symbol for gold is Au, taken from the Latin word for gold- Aurum. Its atomic number is 79, meaning that an atom of gold contains 79 protons.

Despite being very dense, gold is more malleable than all other metals and it’s possible to beat a single ounce of gold into a thin sheet measuring 300 square feet. Gold's soft composition means that it will often be found in alloy form in jewellery, mixed with other metals such as silver or copper to make the metal more durable.

Gold is also a highly conductive metal, making it ideal for use in tiny amounts in the creation of computer chips, as well as to protect copper wires and other parts in electrical appliances, protecting the components from corrosion.

As a noble metal, gold is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. This is a trait that gold shares with silver, platinum and palladium and the ability to not rust or corrode is undoubtedly a large factor in their classification as precious metals. It should be noted, however, that not all noble metals are precious metals.