What is the Weight of a Gold Sovereign?

What is the weight of a gold Sovereign? The weight of a gold Sovereign is 7.98 g, with a pure gold content of 7.32240 g. They measure 22.05 mm across and are 1.52 mm thick. The value of a Sovereign is calculated by multiplying its gold content - 7.3224 g - by the gold spot price.

There are several other denominations of Sovereign that exist, their respective weights and fine gold contents are as follows:

Sovereign Size Weight (g) Pure Gold Content (g)
Quintuple 39.94 36.613
Double 15.98 14.63
Half 3.98 3.6575
Quarter 1.99 1.82875

All Sovereigns have a fineness of 916.7, making them 22 carat. Sovereigns make an excellent long-term investment due to their ability to store a high amount of wealth in small units.

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