World Gold Council

World Gold Council The World Gold Council is the market development organisation for the international gold industry.

Made up of a number of the world’s eighteen largest gold mining companies including Barrick, China Gold, Newmont Mining Corporation and Silver Wheaton, the World Gold Council works with its members’ combined expertise to further gold’s global use and fulfil its potential. With the cooperation of its member organisations, it aims to ensure responsible and ethical conduct in the mining industry, working to make sure that the countries in which mining takes place benefit from the operations.

The World Gold Council is a leading promoter of innovation in the gold industry, working hard to improve the processes and products that make up the industry including technological, investment and consumer products. One such example of the World Gold Council’s forward thinking innovation is the GLD, ‘the world’s first and largest physically backed gold exchange-traded fund’, a way of investing in gold without actually purchasing any, trading on several stock exchanges internationally.

Operating internationally, the World Gold Council has eight offices around the world, with the head office in London, United Kingdom. The World Gold Council uses its knowledge and expertise of the industry to advise businesses and governments, promoting its use and importance as a wealth-protecting asset through seminars and education programmes. Its frequent publications, including the quarterly gold demand trends, are an excellent summary and source of knowledge on the recent movements in the gold industry.