What is the Chemical Symbol for Platinum?

What is the chemical symbol for platinum? The chemical symbol for platinum is Pt. The metal takes its name from the Spanish word for silver- platina . This is due to their aesthetic similarities and the fact that it was named by the Spanish upon finding it in what is now Colombia.

Like gold, platinum is a soft, dense metal with a strong resistance to corrosion and rusting. This ability to maintain its condition combines with a natural beauty and extreme scarcity to make platinum a highly valuable and sought-after commodity, as both jewellery and as an investment in the form of bars and coins.

Platinum’s chemical composition means that it is an excellent conductor and it is therefore used in a variety of electronic appliances. Its biggest use, however, is in catalytic convertors to reduce emissions in the motor industry. This range of applications means that the platinum price tends to be much more volatile than gold, for which the majority of demand comes from either the jewellery or investment industries.