1oz Gold Eagle Specific Years

Below is our full range of 1oz gold Eagles, listed by specific year. Perfect for collectors looking to complete their set, as well as investors looking for the official US bullion coin. Classed as legal tender in the US the 1oz gold Eagle coins have a face value of $50. Prices shown include free, fully insured delivery.

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Gold US Eagle 1oz Coin

The gold US Eagle 1oz coin was first introduced by the US Mint in 1986 alongside a number of smaller sized variants. Not to be confused with pre-1933 $10 gold coins which are also called eagles, this 1oz weight is typically used when describing American gold Eagle bullion coins.

The 1oz gold Eagle coins are struck in 22 carat purity (916.7 fineness), with a full troy ounce of gold - 31.103 grams - and a total weight of 33.93 grams.