Tudor Beasts Coins

Below is our full selection of Tudor Beasts coins, a new series from The Royal Mint. Following the success of the Queen's Beasts series, The Royal Mint have introduced a new series of ten 'beasts' based on the statues that line the Moat Bridge at Hampton Court.

These coins fall into the semi-numismatic category, produced in high numbers to bullion quality, but for a limited period of time and with a collectable nature to their designs, making them a popular choice for both investors and collectors alike. Each coin is produced for a few months, until the next coin in the series is released, and collectors are advised to order as soon as each coin is released to secure each coin and bullion prices.

Our Tudor Beasts coins include bullion and proof versions, available in gold, silver, and platinum. With a wide variety of sizes to choose from there is something for all to enjoy, and prices shown include fully insured delivery.

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Royal Mint Tudor Beasts

The Royal Mint Tudor Beasts coin collection will include ten beasts. So far there have been four proof coins, and three bullion coins in the Tudor Beasts, with a split release schedule similar to the Queen's Beasts. The coins are typically released in 1oz and 1/4oz sizes for the gold bullion coins, and 2oz and 10oz sizes for the silver bullion coins. The proof coins are produced in various sizes with limited mintages, and are supplied in presentation boxes.

The Royal Mint Tudor Beasts will comprise of the following ten creatures/coins:

  • The Seymour Panther
  • The Lion of England
  • The Yale of Beaufort
  • The Bull of Clarence
  • The Greyhound of Richmond
  • The Tudor Dragon
  • The Seymour Unicorn
  • The Royal Dragon
  • The Queen's Lion
  • The Queen's Panther