5 Pound Gold Coins

The five pound gold coin, also known as the Quintuple Sovereign or gold Crown, is Britain's largest mass produced gold coin. The design is usually Benedetto Pistrucci's depiction of St George slaying the dragon, as seen on the standard bullion Sovereign, but can also feature commemorative designs.

We have a range of other stunning £5 gold coin designs available, with these unusual coins often boasting more imaginative design work than the traditionally sized bullion and proof coins. All including free, fully insured delivery.

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Quintuple Sovereign

The £5 gold coin has existed in many different forms over the years, and is sometimes referred to as a Quintuple Sovereign, and even a Crown coin. These coins are made with five times the amount of gold used in the standard Sovereign, which is where the £5 designation and name of Quintuple Sovereign comes from.

The gold £5 coins will at times be simply a bigger version of the Sovereign, with the same classic design on a larger coin. More often however they will be commemorative coins produced by The Royal Mint to mark an anniversary or special person in British history. This makes the £5 gold coin an unusual choice, moving between investment and collectable markets from year to year.