Half Sovereign

We offer a wide selection of gold Half Sovereign coins available at low margins above spot. We are an authorised distributor of The Royal Mint. Half Sovereigns are exempt from VAT, making them an excellent choice for investors. Free fully insured delivery available across Europe.

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Gold Half Sovereign

Like its bigger brother, the gold Half Sovereign was used as circulating currency from 1817, and was considered half a pound. As the name suggests it contains half the gold - 3.65 grams - of a standard Sovereign. As was common for circulating currency it is produced in 22 carat purity to help protect the soft gold from any damage while being used, and The Royal Mint have continued this tradition more than 200 years later.

Half Sovereign Value

A Half Sovereigns value is mainly derived from its gold content, and dealers will therefore price them via the global spot price for gold, which changes every two minutes. As an old coin however, good condition examples of older coins, and Proof grade versions of modern Half Sovereigns may fetch a higher value accordingly.

At BullionByPost we have Half Sovereign coins available at low margins. To get the very best value Half Sovereigns choose our mixed year Half Sovereigns which are a great value investment. Our current year coins come direct from The Royal Mint, while any older coins will have been tested by our team to ensure authenticity. For collectors we also stock a range of older collectable Half Sovereigns.

How much is a Half Sovereign worth?

A Half Sovereign is worth roughly half the value of a full gold Sovereign. Investors will usually expect to pay a small premium to buy two Half Sovereign coins rather than one full gold Sovereign however despite them being the same total weight. This is because there are higher manufacturing costs associated with small units of gold bullion coins.

The Half Sovereign is therefore usually the best option for investors who want more flexibility than the full Sovereign, or are on a budget looking to make a smaller purchase, but with all the same benefits the larger coin offers.