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Half Sovereign

We offer a wide selection of half sovereign coins available at low margins above spot. We are an official partner of The Royal Mint. Free fully insured delivery available across Europe.

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Half sovereign value – Buy half sovereign coins at very low margins. To get the very best half sovereign value choose our mixed year half sovereigns which are a great value investment. 

How much is a half sovereign worth – The price of half a gold sovereign is roughly half the value of a full gold sovereign. Investors will usually expect to pay a small premium to buy two half gold sovereign coins rather than one full gold sovereign despite them being the same total half sovereign weight, as there are higher manufacturing costs associated with small units of gold bullion coins.

Price of half a gold sovereign – the price and value of gold half sovereign coins depends on the sovereign coin year and rarity. As well as our mixed year half sovereign ideal for investment, we offer the exact type of half sovereign you require to complete your sovereign collection including Queen Victoria young head half Sovereigns, Queen Victoria jubilee head half Sovereigns, Queen Victoria old head half Sovereigns, Shield back half Sovereigns, Edward VII half Sovereign, George V half Sovereigns, Elizabeth II Decimal portrait half Sovereigns and Elizabeth II Old head half Sovereigns.

Unless stated, the gold half sovereign coins are not brand new, but are the correct half sovereign weight and are fully inspected and tested prior to dispatch. Gold half Sovereigns are ideal for investors who prefer to keep their gold investment in smaller units to give greater flexibility when it comes to resale.